NO Insurance NO Problem ! Exploding these myths:

You can’t get healthcare without health insurance Medication is not affordable without insurance

Pay Cash

Pay cash and shop for value and price just as you would for any good or service. Our cash prices are published for neurology services on this website. Here are a few links to get started  can obtain lab tests with or without a doctor’s order reasonable cash prices for imaging at multiple locations reasonable cash prices for imaging at multiple locations see sample cash prices at physician offices for discounted drug prices You can google Canadian pharmacies to shop drug prices as well



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Frequently Asked Question

May I take advantage of the cash prices if I have insurance?

Anyone may pay the cash price; however, your insurance will not be billed.

I am currently working but do not have any money to spare to pay the doctor. May I still take advantage of the free seizure clinic?

If you are making so little money, you should qualify for medicaid. We would be happy to
see you in the office under the medicaid program.

I am unable to work because I am disabled by seizures. May I take advantage of the free seizure clinic?

It depends on your mindset. If you are determined to get better and return to work, we
are only too happy to help you. If you are determined to remain on disability, we will care
for you under the medicare or medicaid programs.

If I have insurance, may I still use the BP Treat App?

Yes. This is a free service for anyone who wants to take control of their blood pressure

Am I eligible to call the Doctor Hotline?

Anyone 21 years or older who resides in Texas is eligible to call the Hotline.

Free Hospitalization and ER visits? There must be a catch. What is it?

Each hospital system may have different rules concerning your assets and methods to
prove your eligibility. A good suggestion is to call the hospital you would like to use in
advance. The billing department can advise you on how to proceed.


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